UXBRIDGE, Canada, Dec 5 2018 (IPS) Despite the deep, cold waters, newly discovered undersea mountains off Canada’s west coast are home to a rich diversity of life.”When we reached a seamount (undersea mountain), it was often like we were entering a forest, only of red tree corals and vase shaped glass sponges,” said Robert Rangeley, Science Director, Oceana Canada. “These areas were filled with a diversity of other animals including anemones, feather stars, octopuses, lobsters and rockfishes,” said Rangely who led the expedition in July.Related IPS ArticlesFish Farming Takes on Crime in Papua New GuineaThe Sustainable Polar Bear Tour that Also Educates Tourists on Environmental ImpactGlobal, Inclusive Partnerships Essential for the Future Sustainability of our Oceans and SeasOceana, a marine conservation organisation, along with the Haida Nation, an indigenous people, the Federal government department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Ocean Networks Canada were partners in the first in depth investigation of the recently designated Offshore Pacific Area of Interest. This is a 140,000 square kilometre region 100 to 200 kilometres west of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia.The waters in this region are also home to the vast majority of Canada’s known hydrothermal vents, deep sea hot springs at the bottom of the sea floor.

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